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 By Tobi Nifesi  

The much-anticipated weekend of the NBA season is finally here. Over the next three days, the crème de la crème of the NBA players (as voted by fans) would be putting on a show in Toronto (Canada’s second largest city and home of playoff hopefuls, Toronto Raptors).

For many, this all-star weekend is special for two reasons: this is the Toronto’s first time hosting the all-star events and the last time – 18-time all star and 4-time all star MVP – Kobe Bryant would be taking part in the weekend’s affairs.

Besides this Canadian-stop of the Kobe-exit tour, and for all that it is worth, there is a lot more to look forward to this all-star weekend. Sportration.com presents you with a list of what to expect this weekend:



The weekend begins with your favorite celebrities – the likes of Kevin Hart (4-time NBA all star celebrity MVP), Drake, Win Butler, Jason Sudeikis and Nick Cannon amongst others – playing in an all star celebrity game in which Canadian celebrities battle it out on the paint with their American counterparts. Drake and Hart would be the head coaches for the Canadian and USA teams respectively.

After that match up, the league best rookies (and some sophomores) – Timberwolves’ Andrew Wiggins and Karl-Anthony Town, Celtics’ Marcus Smart, Knicks’ Kristap Porzingis and many others – would play out a USA-versus-the World themed match. This rookie game is a good opportunity for these newcomers to show off but there’ll be a lot more showing off going on Saturday.

  Al Farouq Aminu shines in the battle of the most inform NBA teams





The day before the big event is all about what we really love about the game. The dribbles, dunks, 3 pointers and that stuff would be displayed – rather ostentatiously on Saturday.

Six hours after a D-league’s all-star game, the night will begin with a skills challenge featuring Sacramento King’s Demarcus Cousins, Celtics’ Isaiah Thomas and Warriors’ Draymond Green. After that, the league’s best three point shooters – cue Curry, Bosh, Harden and Klay Thompson – would be showing off their money ball skills in a three pointer shooting contest. A slam-dunk contest will follow to close the night.

NBA commissioner, Adam Silver, would be speaking on Saturday. If the league has any big news to announce, you can be sure to hear it then.



Sunday’s about the all-star game. The league’s best players, as voted by fans, would be playing against each other in teams based on their conferences. At the end of the game, an all star MVP would be chosen.


Which events are you particularly looking forward to this all-star weekend? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.




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