Mikel should have stayed like a man? Think again Ballack


Former Chelsea midfielder Michael Ballack criticized John Obi Mikel after he deflected the ball past Thibaut Courtois having turned his back on Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s strike from a free-kick.

Mikel deflected

The Germany legend told BT Sport: “You have to take responsibility for your team. It’s a big chance for the opposing team, a free-kick in that position.

“You have to stay like a man in the wall and don’t turn away because you don’t know what’s going on. If he passes, the game has to carry on. You can’t turn away.”



Barcelona's Andres Iniesta, No.8, shoots and scores a a goal against Chelsea.

Rolling back the years, I remembered a certain Michael Ballack was guilty of the same offence in a game most Chelsea fans would never forget. Then I asked myself, maybe Michael who also turned his back to Iniesta’s shot that gifted Barcelona an equalizer at the Bridge and ultimately sent the Blues out of the Champions League in 2009 would have thought twice before attacking John Mikel Obi.

Make no mistake Mikel should have stood his ground, I am just tired of former footballers turned pundits slaying and attacking present players and managers as if they never mistakes.

You know maybe if Ballack too had stood his ground he wouldn’t have ended his wonderful career without a Champions League winners medal.

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