Super Eagles players dey para for NFF becos of N10m allawee


Super Eagles players dey para for Naija Football Federation (NFF) sake of say dem go use money wey Akwa State Governor Emmanuel Odom dash dem do camp allowances.

Afta Naija waya Tanzania 1-kondo for Uyo for dia last 2017 AFCON qualifiers de governor bin wan dash dem 10 million Naira but according to how African Football take yarn am, NFF go change de man mouth to use am for camp allowances.

One of the oga for de team yarn African Football say: “I fit yarn you now say dis players no dey happy onto wetin happen at all o. Dem bin expect say money wey governor dash dem no go enta camp allowances at all. Na $200 one pesin suppose collect per day.

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“NFF need to find beta way to dey get money instead of all dis dash-dash.”

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