Why Love-Melo trade is not the solution to Cavs problem


It’s in the air, and everyone is talking about the trade that will bring LeBron James’ close pal Carmelo Anthony from NewYork Knicks to the Cleveland Cavaliers but that’s not what they need right now.

The NBA defending champions were not only destroyed by Golden State Warriors 11 days ago but have lost 6 of their last 8 games and they are increasingly losing their fear factor as teams are ready to take the game to them.

The recent slump has made LeBron James to call out the Cavs executives, lashed out at his teammates in public and recently mentioned the team needs a playmaker.

You wonder what is the role of Kyrie if LeBron is calling for a playmaker, well maybe Lebron was talking about a backup point guard for the 4-time NBA all-star.

If you have been following the Cavs you will agree the Love-Melo trade makes no sense. With the recent acquisition of Kyle Korver from Hawks and with how they’ve been scoring points it’s obvious that the problem is not in scoring points.

If the problem is not in scoring points why bringing in Melo who will score you points but offer nothing or little to your flailing defence.

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No doubt we all want to see a team with LeBron, Kyrie and Melo but Cavs need to get a rim protector not a scorer as they look to sort out their shitty defence.

No doubt they need a ball player, the only ball players in the team right now remain LeBron and Kyrie.

If Cavs trade Love for Melo, it will be exciting to see how the team will pan out, for sure it will be another scoring team, but will it be enough for them to win the championship.

With Melo you will get a scorer, they’ve got quite a number of them, but they can’t say that in the playmaking and defence departments.

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