Ribery and Vidal played Ronaldo on with photoshopped images


It was a historic match by all accounts, but for most Bayern Munich players and fans, it was for the wrong reasons, as referee Viktor Kassai was in the thick of it all with several questionable decisions that the Germans argue tilted the tie in Real Madrid’s favour.

Both Frank Ribery and Arturo Vidal took to social media to voice their anger at the officiating, ironically using photoshop to highlight Cristiano Ronaldo’s positioning for two of his crucial goals, which they claim are offside.

“One year of work, thanks referee, bravo,” Ribery said on Instagram.

So angered by the officiating, several players, including Vidal, paid the referee a dressing room visit but to no avail.

After being sent of with a second yellow card, Vidal’s preferred method of complaint was by drawing a stick figure in the photo he uploaded which changes the defensive line and keeps the Portuguese star onside.

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