PSG to monitor any of their players who gains more than a kilo of weight during Christmas via GPS


Christmas time is often one of putting on the pounds without any fear but that will not be the case at Paris Saint-Germain, who are going to extra lengths to track their players’ progress on the scales.

Allowed a three or four day period of complete disconnection from their footballing duties, a period extended for those travelling to and from South America, each will then have to return to the routine handed down to them by the club’s medical experts with GPS tracking their activity.

As such, according to French outlet Le Parisien, no player can increase their weight by more than a kilogramme before returning to training on January 2.

That means the PSG stars have ten days off over the winter with Coupe de France action on the horizon for January 7, when they face Rennes in Brittany.

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