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Kim Jong-un decides bizarre punishment for North Korean athletes who failed to win a medal at Rio 2016 Olympics

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un is not satisfied with the performance of his country’s athletes at the recently concluded 2016 Rio Olympics, according to a report by Financial Express. The North Korean contingent bagged a total of seven medals at the event in Brazil but the eccentric dictator seems to be unimpressed by tally. Reports from North Korean suggest that this performance may lead to athletes facing the wrath of the dictator, who wanted them to return with at least five gold medals and 12 other medals.

A total of 31 athletes were sent to Brazil by North Korean and managed to win two gold, three silver and two bronze medals. It has been reported that the Jong-un wanted his athletes to win more gold medals than they won at the 2012 London Olympics, where North Korea had won four gold and two bronze medals.

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Reports have also suggested that some of the country’s athletes had been participating under tremendous pressure at the Games and that eventually affected their performances. In addition, some of the players who have disappointed the dictator at the Olympics may be punished by being moved to poor quality houses. Along with this, these athletes may be forced to live with lesser rations and even be sent to the coal mines.

However, the dictator will be providing good housing, better rations, car and other gifts to those who have won medals at the Rio Olympics. In the past, there have been reports which have suggested that the dictator is evil when his athletes do not manage to perform. In 2010, after his country’s football team had lost 7-0 to Portugal at the World Cup, the dictator is said to have sent the players and coaches to re-education facilities, while some were even sent to work in mines as part of the punishment. It was also reported that players who were sent to the mines were not even allowed to return for the next one or two years.

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The remaining 24 athletes who failed to win any medals may also face the same fate when they return to their nation. However, an unofficial spokesman of Pyongyang has said that the athletes would receive a warm welcome in the country on their return. The spokesman also said that while medal winners will be rewarded, others will not be facing any punishment.


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