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Eguavoen asks Nigerians to beg Primate Ayodele over Nigeria-Ghana prediction

We want the ticket more than Ghana

Super Eagles technical director Austin Eguavoen has asked Nigerians to beg the leader of the INRI Evangelical Church, Oke Afa, Lagos, Primate Babatunde Elijah Ayodele.

Primate Babatunde Elijah Ayodele in a video, monitored by SportsRation gave Nigeria certain conditions to follow for Super Eagles to be victorious against Ghana.

Nigeria and Ghana will play over two legs with the first in Ghana and the second leg at the Moshood Abiola Stadium with the aggregate winners taking the slot to Qatar 2022.

According to Primate Babatunde Elijah Ayodele the three conditions needed for Nigeria to qualify are:

For Austin Eguavoen to remain as the Super Eagles coach, ensure they score in the first 68 minutes of the game and also not invite a certain player.

It is unsure what Austin Eguavoen is reacting to, but according to BSNSports Austin Eguavoen appreciates the Primate and asked Nigerians to plead with him to overturn his prediction.

“He is a man of God and sometimes you’ve to give it to them,” said Eguavoen to BSNSports.

“But he is a Nigerian if you know him please tell him to overturn it because it will be a joyous thing for Nigeria to be in Qatar, in 2022.

“He can overturn it because he is a man of God and he prays and God listens to him. He is an intermediary between us and God.

“It is easier said than done. We have worked hard and fought and make sure we want the ticket more than Ghana wants it.

“You know Nigeria is a country that prays a lot, so we will continue to pray but we will work hard. We want it more than Ghana and we will get it.”

So, what exactly should the Prophet pray to God to overturn as he never said Nigeria will not qualify for Qatar 2022 – he only said certain conditions must be in place.

Watch the video below again

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2 years ago

I don’t believe in this type of prophesies. By saying Super Eagles would not win AFCON,everyone knows the chances is 1/24(remember 24 teams participated.)I will only fall in love with his predictions if he can state categorically who wins AFCON before the commencement of the Tournament.

2 years ago

My dear Eguavoen, be careful so that GOD will not be angry with you. You don’t give God’s glory to any man under any circumstances. God frowns at it. The man Ayodele never said he is the intermediary between you and GOD. The only intermediary we have is JESUS CHRIST. Ayodele is a mere mortal and can only talk what he feels. GOD has the final say. Do your best as a coach and leave the rest to GOD.

Gabriel ezeoke
2 years ago

Let him not do his work properly let him continue waiting for prophet Ayodele to give Nigeria winning prediction. Nonsense

2 years ago

I will advise Eguavon to stop listening and reading these fake prophets predictions. Who tells you God plays football? This is an entertaining game to keep the players fit and the spectators emotionally stable. So God has nothing doing with your physical well being. Has Elijah ever kicks football in his life?

Adesola Fagbemi
2 years ago

Prophet Ayodele meant the player to okay No.9 for Nigeria against Ghana is Osimhen

2 years ago

For sure. Osimhen is going to play the game.

Adesola Fagbemi
2 years ago

Prophet Ayodele meant the player to okay No.9 for Nigeria against Ghana is Osimhen Ayodele is prophet of God

2 years ago

Is Eguavoen for real? At this time and age? Gosh!

John Lewis
2 years ago

Nigerians are very funny people. I don’t believe in any prophecy, especially from the so-called Nigerian men of GOD. Nobody can deceive me with mere prediction in the name of prophecy. If the Super Eag!es work hard and show commitment, they will beat Ghana period.

Chris movio
2 years ago

I cannot believe Eguevon believes the nonsense the pastor is predicting. Eguevon most be very naive to focus on those predators call pastor instead of what he has to do to Win. Am so disappointed. Only naives and brainwashed People call those crooks men of God.

Uncle Sam
2 years ago

Eguavoen wants Nigerians to beg a pastor so that Osimhen can play.
Ma Broda, stop going into the pitch with superstitions.
God hears our prayers, but the prayers must be backed up with actions.
Why he hasn’t prayed for cost of garri rice, tomatos, cement, zink etc to go down?

2 years ago

Eguavoen this is very disappointing. You’ve seen it all and I think you should know better! Why put your faith in man. Who made him lord over Nigeria’s destiny. Concentrate on your work my friend otherwise you’ll be psychologically defeated before the game and eventually infect the team with the negative vibes from their master.

2 years ago

You and the man are behind knowledge. No man is any man’s intermediary with God. We all have access to God because he’s our father and by the way, what makes him a technical director of Super eagles. Person wey no Sabi anything.

vincent nwosu
2 years ago

If I had the power. I would sack this shit of a football manager on the spot. He’s being paid to give tactical and technical inputs into our game and not to direct Nigerans to the alter. I have always opined that a man’s level of religiosity is a measure of the level of his stupidly. This louce incompetence was reflected in the on going Nations cup competition in Cameroun.

2 years ago

Eguavoen should go and work hard with the team to get result and not believing in prophecy.

2 years ago

Mr. Manager, are you serious right now? I could have given you my own predictions and claim it was from God. Get real brother. Change your game plans. You lost to Tunisia because you were out coached. Your boy Simon was double teamed and you had no secondary plans for such events. You have skilled players BUT you need plan A, B,and C in the event things change. Forget fake PASTORS..Grow up in the Lord and understand that hard work pays not just prayers.

Sunny O
2 years ago

Do ur work and leave d rest for God.

Ahmad Ola
2 years ago

I am very tired of Christians feeble beliefs. Is he God to decide the future? Does he know much about football sport? Even 15 year old boy can predict game if he knows much about sports. So why will you be taking his words seriously? You’re just over-hyping just a man like you. He’s not the one to play neither coaching them, so why worrying yourself? You better focus on your job.

Nonsense talk.

2 years ago

My advice to Austin eguavoen is to obey God’s instructions and do as he been instructed, and see what God will do. Listen and obey is better than any sacrifice. For me,I don’t see what the team captain want to offer us at the moment,he will only reduce the chance of inviting a good player for the team.

2 years ago

This is accurate prophecy from a Renowned man of God. Daddy keep it up

2 years ago

We are watching and waiting!
Let Musa play if he is fit.
How many of us are coming back here after the match?


The man should not be taken serious, tell me which of his predictions that come to pass. Did nlhe not say saraki will win the 2015 presidential election, his candidate score 317votes and did not win the pdp primafy.

Adeboye Bajulaiye
2 years ago

With all the sins in the world and the grieving heart of God to get man back on track, anyone thinking this is Gospel should look for another job. Souls are lost daily.

Emmanuel Wilson Udo
2 years ago

Obedience is better. God is interested about everything in Nigeria.

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