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Alabama Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo Prepares For 87th Year

Held on the 16-19th July, The 87th annual Alabama Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo is making preparations for this year’s events. 

Despite the current COVID-19 pandemic, this sports event is still forging ahead and is recognised as the largest fishing tournament in the world. The total prize pot is valued at one million dollars, making it a high stakes competition. 

The event first ran in 1929 and has grown steadily over the years, until finally being registered in the Guinness World Records

With thirty categories, a lot is going on. Aside from the Big Game attractions, you will also see King Mackerel, Speckled Trout and Swordfish. 

While there has been some discussion over whether fishing is a sport, however, the skill and physical nature involved coupled with the highly competitive nature of participants certainly defines its credibility as a sporting event. 

Big game fishing takes incredible strength. With fish weighing it over 200 pounds. Catching these monsters can take hours and involve constant physical strength. Battling against fatigue and muscle soreness is only one part of the equation that deep-sea anglers have to face. There are multiple skills involved, knowing when to control the fish and when to let it run out and exert itself. You need to be aware of your lines and the boats positioning, using several techniques simultaneously to bring in the monster fish. 

You can get a taste of what is involved with a gulf coast sportfishing charter. Side Bet Sport Fishing claim that it will be the experience of your lifetime and encourage you to bring your family along to watch. 

While it may not sound like a spectator sport, the success of many deep-sea fishing TV shows has proved the thrill of this type of fishing also comes from watching the sport. The anticipation and excitement of the big catches with the final reveal at the end is unique in a sport. 

The rodeo attracts more than 3000 anglers from across the world. Last year 75,000 people turned up to spectate. Its inaugural event in 1929 attracted 260 sports fishermen from multiple countries. The popularity and excitement surrounding the sport have grown rapidly, and now the event hosts lots of land-based activities to engage the fan base and entertain the large crowds that turn up every year to celebrate this incredible sports event. 

Big catches from previous events include a 66.94lbs King Mackerel and a 124.17lb Swordfish. 

If you are looking for an exciting and highly competitive sport to get involved with then, the Alabama Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo is a perfect choice. There will be plenty of entertainment for you to get involved with and you could also enter the events famous Liar contest, which is a homage to the Fishermans Tale, where entrants have to fool spectators with either a realistic-sounding lie or a ridiculous-sounding story. 

Fishing is definitely a sport that is on our map.


Ajike is one of Nigeria's top Sportscasters with over 15 years of experience in writing and talking Sports.

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