The Top 5 Up And Coming Soccer Stars

Football, or soccer as some people call it, is the most popular sport in the world. From South and North America to the Middle East, Europe, Africa and Asia, football is played at professional and amateur levels. School kids normally play football for fun both at school and at home. In addition to watching and playing football, fans can now make money through sports betting. 888 Sport is a leading bookmaker with a powerful platform for betting on soccer matches from all over the world.

The key to success when it comes to sports betting lies in knowing your teams and players. Some teams are known to win because of their team rosters, most of which contain the best soccer players in the world. However, there are teams with some up and coming players who can pull surprises. Knowing these up and coming soccer stars will help you make an informed decision when placing a bet. The following are the top 5 up and coming soccer stars in the world of football:


  1. Jan Oblak

Oblak is a 23-year old goalkeeper playing for Atletico Madrid. The towering figure of a man is an aggressive shot blocker and always seems to make commanding crosses. After Thibault Courtois left for Chelsea, many people, especially fans, thought that the void could never be filled, but Oblak stepped up and made everyone forget about his predecessor. So far, the 23-year old has had a great season at Atletico.


  1. Josh Onomah

Onomah is an 18-year old midfielder playing for Tottenham Hotspur. The Spurs’ coach, Mauricio Pochettino once described Onomah as a ‘special boy/player’. He has speed, power and clear vision of the entire playing field, which allows him to play in a wide range of midfield positions. His first start with Tottenham was in the 2015/2016 UEFA Europa league match against Monaco. In the 2015 London derby match against Arsenal, Onomah came on as a substitute.

  1. Lucas Hernandez

Atletico Madrid seems to have the bulk of the youthful players in La Liga. One of them is the sensational Lucas Hernandez. The 20-year old is a versatile defender who is capable of playing through the middle of the defense, in the left as well as in the midfield. In addition to making a substitute appearance in the Champions League finals clash against Real Madrid, Hernandez made a total of 16 appearances last season.


  1. Mason Holgate

Holgate is a 20-year old right back who plays for Everton. After showing outstanding athleticism and composure, well beyond his years, Holgate caught the eye of scouts. While Bournemouth wanted to sign the right back, Everton won the battle for his signature. With a 5-year contract at hand, Holgate’s star is sure to rise higher and higher in the future.


  1. Kingsley Coman

Coman made his debut in professional football in February 2013 with PSG, but has since moved to Juventus. He was sent to Bayern Munich on loan and has successfully been integrated into the team. At the tender age of 19 years, the forward plays as a winger for Bayern. It is important to note that when Coman first played for PSG, he was their youngest ever outfield player in history. In December 2015, Coman scored 6 goals and made 6 assists. He has just earned a place in the French squad and Bayern Munich are preparing an offer to sign him next year.

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