Cheap And Fun Ideas For The Next Sports Night In With The Lads

Cheap And Fun Ideas For The Next Sports Night In With The Lads

Let’s face it, nothing beats inviting the guys (and occasionally the ladies) over to watch the big game. You get to watch a game you’ve been looking forward to with the people you enjoy spending time with, so it’s the ideal time to make sure you’re not only having fun watching the game, but also having fun in each other’s company. Fortunately, a night in does not have to be expensive, and this article will provide some suggestions on how to make a sports night in with the lads even more enjoyable.

Find conversation starters

Make sure you’ve done your research so you can come up with conversation starters.

If men are interested in sports and the players, the one thing they like to talk about is exactly that. Do some research on the players who will be appearing that night, and you’ll have some excellent conversation starters to get everyone excited for the game. You can make it even more entertaining by learning random and otherwise unknown facts about the teams or players and testing your friends’ knowledge. As an example. “Hey, do you remember when Doyle Brunson did this?”

Provoke some friendly competition

Why not add some spice to the game by betting on your favorite players and teams? There will almost certainly be one person in your friend circle who has opposing viewpoints on players and teams. You don’t have to spend much – even a few pennies here and there and whoever wins gets the money! If you don’t want to gamble any money, why not gamble a pint or two the next time you go to the pub together, or the loser pays for the takeaway that evening.

Get the bevvies in!

This does not always imply alcohol, but as you are probably aware, a few beers go down well with the game and the lads. Get some booze in and prepare for a fantastic night of beers and sports! Ask your friends to bring their own drinks if you’re short on cash. This way, everyone can drink whatever they want and not have to worry about funding drunk Dave’s amazing high tolerance to beer.

Order in the pizza

When all of your mates are present, there’s something extra special about ordering pizza. It doesn’t have to be just you who pays, so make plans ahead of time for everyone to chip in on a pizza while the game is on. This is a fantastic way to fill your stomach, especially if you’re drinking beer! Don’t forget to cash in on the loser paying for the takeaway if you decide to do that!

Get some other activities ready

Prepare additional activities for halftime, as well as before and after the game.

The night doesn’t have to end when the final whistle blows, so get some games for your computer or gaming consoles out and play some friendly games with your friends. It’s a great way to get people talking while also allowing them to unwind from their daily routines.

Play some sports!

If the game has got you all fired up to play football or basketball (or any other sport, for that matter), then why not grab a football or frisbee and enjoy some games together in your backyard? If you don’t have the space, head to the nearest local park and simply enjoy each other’s company while you play your favourite sports. 

Light the BBQ

Another great idea that can be done before, during, or even after the game is hosting a delicious BBQ. The classic mantastic activity is grilling and chilling. It’s as simple and uncomplicated as that old pair of sweatpants you wear every football Sunday, and it dates back to prehistoric times when our forefathers built fires and roasted meat on a spit. Instead of talking about cars and sports, take things a step further and play a backyard game of wiffle ball.

Host a movie night!

Vintage movie posters for films like Scarface, The Godfather, Rocky, Reservoir Dogs, or any 80s film starring Bruce Willis or Arnold Schwarzenegger are among the items in your man cave that your significant other claims has no place in the house. Sure, movies are a staple of “date night,” but is there anything that brings men closer together than stunt-filled action sequences, epic car chases, and stories of good triumphing over evil? Two hours of testosterone-fueled entertainment are provided by manteresting movies. They also allow you to flaunt your cutting-edge entertainment system, as well as your extensive collection. If you like, encourage your buddies to bring a sports related movie keeping in theme with the great night you’ve got planned.

Have a beer tasting evening

Planning a beer tasting night allows you and your friends to try a variety of different beers. The craft beer market has exploded in the last decade. Beer is more than just the factory-made brew that once dominated the market. From Double IPAs and nitro stouts to Belgian Saisons and German wheat beers, there are more beers to sample than there are guys’ nights to sample them. Who knows, maybe you’ll find your new favourite beer?

Enjoy a game night

If your friends prefer a joystick to a hockey stick, they’re likely to have a favorite video game — and competitive friendships — that will make this an enjoyable evening. All that’s missing are the refreshments, since the electronics are what makes this type of entertainment work. It’s a good idea to keep the snacks drip-free and easy to handle, especially if you have carpeting. Consider it a cocktail party menu without the rubbing shoulders. Have your friends bring over their favourite sporting video games such as NHL Hitz and Fifa and battle it out to your heart’s content.


After the last beer has been downed and the last wing has been devoured, an epic guys’ night is all about the company and camaraderie. Make a lasting impression with whatever you do. It’s almost as rare as winning the lottery to get all the guys together.


Ajike is one of Nigeria's top Sportscasters with over 15 years of experience in writing and talking Sports.

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