FIFA consider 40-team World Cup

FIFA has revealed that it is considering plans to increase the number of teams that take part in the World Cup from 32 to 40 from 2026.

The organising body’s executive committee is meeting in Zurich to discuss a number of proposed changes, including plans to limit the length of time one person can serve as FIFA president, as well as improving transparency within FIFA.

Francois Carrard, who is the chairman of FIFA’s reform committee, said at a press conference: “The executive committee took up the discussion of a possible increase for the 2026 World Cup within the framework of its approach to enlarging the participation of teams. “After quite deep discussion it was felt this recommendation should be brought up.

It’s not up to the reform committee to make any decision, that is why this was proposed and the executive committee was receptive to that proposal.” A final decision on increasing the number of teams in the tournament has been deferred to allow for a further study to take place.

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