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Forum wants Ministry of sports and NFF to conclude the 2019-20 domestic league

The coordinator of the Forum for Better Organized Nigeria Leagues and Club Sides, Vincent Akinbami, as called on the Ministry of sport and the NFF to ensure the right thing is done as to the resumption of our domestic league.

Suggesting the way forward in a radio program in Kaduna, he said with the funds from FIFA, CAF and the support that might come from the government through ministry of sport , the 2019/2020 league season should continue, to give us a true champion.

In his words, the league that have started should end, like the NPFL and NNL, while the ones that as not started should be cancelled.

The Premier League and National League should be concluded, National League will promote but there should be no relegation, while the Amatuer/Nation wide and the Women’s League should be cancelled and wait till next season.

He also suggested how the dates should be managed from now till next season as stated below.

Continue the 2019/2020 season from July 2020 and end it in November 2020.

Start 2020/2021 season in January 2021 to end in June 2021.

Then align our calendar with Europe and other African countries for 2021/2022 season starting it in August 2021 to end in May 2022

He said since the Nigerians and stakeholders are used too starting the league in January, it would be wise to start the 2020/2021 in January.

But still insisted that the 2020/2021 season must not start, will not start without the demands of the group being met.

The group wants four of the club licensing requirements to be provided before any club is allowed the league, deposit of N60m before entrance, players insurance and pension , with financial regulations that requires quarterly returns of some documents


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