Four Tennis Players to Look out for in 2023

Every year brings a new onslaught of tennis tournaments and matchups for any fan to enjoy, changing the landscape of the game and adding further details to the ever-expanding stories of each major player.

However, you might, at this point in your interest in tennis, be used to only observing the same few players each time, potentially threatening to make your viewing experience more stale than it needs to be.

Making an active effort to avoid this by turning your attention to players that you normally wouldn’t watch can help to make the next year of tennis as fresh as possible – as well as the years beyond that.

Felix Auger-Aliassime

While this particular player is ranked 6th on the men’s singles rankings, potentially leading some people to believe there are more deserving players of this spot, the number of tournaments he has under his belt at this point, combined with his young age and high number of points, can begin to paint a picture of how experienced this player is.

Understanding the full range of stats that each player has available can be important for fans who want to get a sense of the full story, as well as those who enjoy watching games in tandem with visiting a sportsbook.

Iga Swiatek

On the women’s singles rankings, however, there is an even younger player who has managed to go even higher, finding her way to the number 1 spot.

Taking each category of the game into account – men’s, women’s, singles, and doubles – gives you a much larger pool of interest to draw upon and can lead you to players and stories that you form a deep, invested interest in, as well as even more content to watch when the time rolls around.

Andy Murray

While it’s interesting and important to take a look at the rising stars and see the breakout names that are changing the future of the game, it can be equally valuable to look back to the players that have been household names in the past and the trajectory of their careers.

Andy Murray is one such example, and with a successful career behind him, being the only player to defeat Djokovic in a Wimbledon final, it’s no wonder that you might be curious as to what he’s up to now.

His current lower place on the world rankings might open your eyes to the kinds of players that are outside of the top ten, as they could all have equally interesting stories worth tuning into.

Rafael Nadal

It’s always interesting in any sport to keep a consistent eye on the players that are often considered among ‘the best’. Following the path of their career from the earning of this title up until their retirement can help to illustrate differing pictures of how they handled the changing times around them – and with Nadal still sitting at number 2 on the rankings, it’s looking like he’s weathering the storm well, despite being older than many of the players around him on the list.

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