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Jose Mourinho should stop whining, exit the losers’ cup and face the League

By: @1topham

Manchester United manager, Jose Mourinho, was all whining about how is club remains the only club left in the European competition this season amongst club fighting for the Premier League title and a place in the top four.

After his club qualified for a place in the Europa League quarter-final last night, the manager expressed his disappointment at other English clubs who got knocked out of the European competitions.

“I am very disappointed [at City going out]. I am not making fun of it. It’s bad for us for many reasons,” he told BT Sport.

“It’s bad for us as an English club and it’s bad for us as all of the five teams in front of us in the Premier League don’t have international football.

“They will be playing one match a week, like some of them have been doing since the beginning of the season.

“They don’t know what fatigue is, they don’t know what accumulation is, they don’t know what it is like to go home and not sleep because of fatigue.

“We will fight to our limits – that’s what we have to do,” he said.

If there were two Mourinhos they will never be friends. Back in 2015 during his second spell at Chelsea, Jose Mourinho played down the club’s Europa League success in 2013 under Rafa Benitez saying the cup is a losers’ trophy and not fit for Chelsea’s status.

“When I returned, I felt the experience of Chelsea playing Europa League was not good,” Mourinho said in a BT Sport documentary.

“The Europa League is a different competition (to the Champions League), the Europa League is a different level of competition for a different level of player and a different level of club.

“It is not good for a big club to go there and win it.

“It is better for the evolution of the players and for the evolution of the team to be in the Champions League. Even if you are not successful, even if you do not win it. It is better to be in the Champions League.”

Manchester United have struggled to get back into top four as they have moved from 6th to 6th in the Premier League table in the past months, their only hope of playing in the Champions League lies solely on winning the trophy he berated years back.

Four of the five clubs ahead of his club will be playing at least one game than Manchester United in England as they are all still in the FA Cup.

Maybe Jose forgot he is at Manchester United, the only club who has done a treble in English football history, the 1999 squad surely played more games than his 2017 squad. The situation is what it is, he should face it or he can as well get his team out of the Europa League club and focus on the League like the other teams.

It is a matter of choice if Jose Mourinho feels other clubs are at advantage for not playing continental games he can also get his team out to focus on the league.


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