Messi wins 15 Ballon d’Or titles with Ronaldo’s work ethic – Evra

Insists no wrong choice between Ronaldo, and Messi

Manchester United and Monaco great Patrice Evra is confident that Lionel Messi would have won 15 Ballon d’Or awards if he had Cristiano Ronaldo’s work ethic.

The former Les Bleus defender made this claim on Rio Ferdinand’s FIVE YouTube channel while answering the question of who the football GOAT is.

Patrice Evra picked his former Manchester United teammates and explained his decision to go for him was not because of their friendship, rather it was based on the Portuguese work ethic.

He then made the shocking statement of Lionel Messi winning 15 Ballon d’Or if he had Cristiano Ronaldo’s work ethic.

“I want to explain why I say Ronaldo, it’s not because he’s our brother. It’s because I love his work ethic. I feel like Messi, god just gave him talent and said to go play with those kids. Cristiano had to work for it, even if he had the talent, he had to work for it.

“I think if Messi had the same work ethic as Cristiano, Messi would probably have 15 Ballon d’Ors today. I just love people that work hard and that’s why I pick Cristiano I know after the World Cup they say now the GOAT is Messi or whatever but Ronaldo is a different level.

“If someone picks Messi I will agree with him but it’s just that we have a different opinion, we just have to be blessed and grateful that we played with those players. There’s no wrong answer.”

Lionel Messi has won 7 Ballon d’Or titles while Cristiano Ronaldo has 5.

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