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‘Milan don’t lack character’ – Mihajlovic

Milan Coach Sinisa Mihajlovic insists his side aren’t lacking character – “in many games we’ve conceded and had a reaction”.

The Rossoneri are currently in seventh-place in the League, behind the likes of Sassuolo and Fiorentina.


“Fiorentina have always played in Europe for the last three or four years,” Mihajlovic pointed out in this pre-match Press conference.

“You can’t just suddenly turn things around. We’ve changed players, our style of play and our way of working.

“If we’re talking about Sassuolo, they’re a strong team – certainly not stronger than Milan – but you judge things at the end.

“We always lose when we concede first? It’s not a problem of character. It can happen that when you concede first you win the game, even if I’d prefer not to concede first.

“In many games we’ve conceded and had a reaction, but we’ve also been unlucky.”

The Diavolo lost to Juventus in Turin last weekend, and Mihajlovic believes the game was a mixed bag in terms of performance.

“We lost to a team who aren’t in last place, and who beat Manchester City the other day. Then of course we have to do better creatively, we weren’t cohesive enough even if we were great defensively.

“Every game has a story of its own, with Atalanta we had players missing and now we’ve recovered three or four.

“Against Juve it was a balanced game, we didn’t do much but neither did they. Our problem in Turin was too many passes and not being able to hold the ball up-front.”

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