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Roberto Firmino New Journey: From Anfield to the Pulpit

Former Liverpool star Roberto Firmino has embarked on a surprising new chapter in his life. Firmino and his wife, Larissa Pereira, have co-founded an evangelical church in MaceiĆ³, Brazil, where he now serves as a pastor.

Firmino’s decision to step away from football and dedicate himself to pastoral work has stunned many of his fans. His time at Liverpool was filled with unforgettable moments, both for him and the team. After an illustrious eight-year career with the Reds, Firmino felt a calling that led him in a new direction.

Reflecting on his career, Firmino shared, “I felt a difference in understanding about my role at Liverpool. I believe it was God’s plan to lead me elsewhere.” He admitted that leaving Liverpool wasn’t easy, but he accepted it as a chance to pursue a new purpose.

During his time at Anfield, Firmino achieved significant success. However, he felt a growing need to make a difference off the field as well.

“I resisted leaving at first, but ultimately, I saw it as an opportunity,” Firmino said. “I have so many positive memories from my time at Liverpool, and I am grateful for the club’s role in fulfilling my and my family’s dreams.”

Beyond football, Firmino and his wife have embraced their new mission with enthusiasm. In a joint social media statement, Firmino expressed their deep sense of calling: “We want people to feel this love that reached us. Now we have another desire and responsibility to become pastors on behalf of God.”

Teammate and friend, Jordan Henderson, praised Firmino’s decision, saying, “Roberto has always been a person of strong faith. His new journey as a pastor is a testament to his character and dedication to helping others.”

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