Russell Westbrook returns to MVP form in Clippers debut

... had 53% FG

Russell Westbrook turned up for the Los Angeles Clippers as they fell 176-175 to Sacramento Kings at the crypto arena on Friday.

The 2016–17 regular season MVP who recently left the Los Angeles Lakers played great for the Los Angeles Clippers in NBA’s second-highest scoring game.

Westbrook who had a cleared waiver on Wednesday was thrown into the Clippers’ starting five on Friday justified his inclusion.

He had 17 points, 14 assists, and five rebounds in 39 minutes before fouling out with 1:49 remaining in the second overtime.

Westbrook was impressed with his shot selection as he made 7-of-13 field goals with a 53%. This is something that cannot be said about his time at the Lakers.

Westbrook was particularly impressed with his shot selection shooting 7-13 53%

This may be too early to say, but it looks like Russel Westbrook is gradually getting into his groove judging by what we saw on Friday.

Also playing in a team that has Kawhi Leonard, and Paul Geroge with whom they formed a great combination at OKC would help him a great deal.

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