Unfair Dismissal: Emmanuel Adebayor To Receive $510,000 .

Emmanuel Adebayor will be paid $510,000, after winning his FIFA trial against Paraguayan club, Club Olimpia for unfair dismissal.


The former Togo captain joined the Paraguayan side in 2020 playing only 4 games for the club in that time before the COVID-19 pandemic brought football and other activities to a halt.


Adebayor was dismissed from his contract when footballing activities resumed an action that prompted his “Unfair Dismissal ” complaint to FIFA against Club Olimpia.


In his time at the Paraguayan club, Adebayor played four games and received a red card before the incidents that followed to his dismissal.


Two years on, World Football governing body FIFA has awarded a $510,000 compensation in favour of Emmanuel Adebayor against Club Olimpia to cover for the effects of his Unfair dismissal by the club.


Now 38, Emmanuel Adebayor’s may well receive the $510,000 as a final big pay in active football with Argentine club, Buenos Aires the last to have indicated interest in acquiring his services.

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