‘Until we change UEFA, we’ll be slaves to the Ministry of Football’ – ADL

Napoli President Aurelio De Laurentiis has said all stakeholders in football will be ‘slaves’ to the ministry of football unless UEFA is changed.

There have been issues between the European football governing body, UEFA, and club owners over the past few years, this led to the formation of the Super League led by Real Madrid’s president Florentino Perez.

The Super League formation caused a little bit of stair from fans, a few stakeholders, and UEFA, leading to its cancelation.

There are talks reportedly going on behind the scene to effect the Super League as club owners in other European Countries apart from England feel it is their only chance to stay competitive.

Football structures and not enough compensation (money) were part of the reasons they claimed to have set up the Super League to challenge UEFA club competitions.

And Aurelio De Laurentiis seemed to have echoed the lack of structure part again when he questions their fixtures against AC Milan this coming week.

“These are games where any result could happen, you can never know. Milan have some great players, they too are missing someone, and we hope it will be a balanced, entertaining match for the two sets of fans. This is what football should bring us.

“It is ridiculous playing the same team three times in a month, especially if you are in Europe and want to measure yourself up to the best on the continent. It would’ve been better if Milan and Napoli had played someone else, but unfortunately, until we change UEFA, we’ll all be slaves to the Ministry of Football.”

Napoli face Milan in the Champions League quarter-final, with the first leg at San Siro on April 12 and the decider on April 18.

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