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Wayne Rooney reveals what he did before John Terry’s 2008 UCL final penalty slip

Manchester United legend Wayne Rooney has revealed what he did before Chelsea skipper John Terry slipped in his run-up to take the deciding penalty kick during the 2008 UCL final.

According to Rooney, he was already walking away from the field because he knew Terry as a great penalty taker from training sessions with the England National team.

Despite this Rooney still considers Chelsea icon John Terry one of the best penalty-takers he has ever seen.

Despite Terry’s infamous miss during the 2008 UEFA Champions League final, Rooney, who was his teammate on the England national team, praised Terry’s penalty-taking skills.

Rooney and Terry shared the pitch many times for the Three Lions.

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Reflecting on the Champions League final where Terry had the chance to secure the win for Chelsea but slipped and missed his penalty, Rooney shared his thoughts on The Overlap.

“How can Jamie Carragher be taking a penalty in a shootout? That is shocking!” Rooney remarked. He continued, “The only thing I would say is John Terry was one of the best penalty takers I have ever seen, honestly, in training.”

Rooney recounted the tense moments of the 2008 final. “I went off the pitch in the Champions League final, I’m looking at him because I have seen him in training with England. I’m watching him walking up and I’m thinking, ‘It is over’ – thankfully he slipped!”

Despite the high-profile miss, Rooney’s comments highlight Terry’s often overlooked proficiency in taking penalties during training sessions.

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