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Webb defends Clattenburg’s decision to allow Alexis ‘handball’ goal

Former Premier League referee, Howard Webb, has defended Mark Clattenburg’s decision to allow Alexis Sanchez’s goal against Hull City stand.

Alexis scored twice in Arsenal’s win at the Emirates, but the first has a cloud of controversy hanging over it, as the ball appeared to come off his right hand.

“It certainly came off Alexis Sanchez’s arm,” Webb said on BT Sport.

“And to be fair to Mark Clattenburg he’s gone over to the assistant to talk to him as well. I can only conclude that they came to the conclusion that it wasn’t deliberate.

“And when we see it back, I don’t think anybody in the world who sees that sequence of play can say that Sanchez meant to handle that.

“If I was a Hull fan, a Hull player, the Hull coach I’d feel bitterly disappointed that I’ve had this really bad stroke of luck gone against me.

“But Sanchez does nothing other than try and play the ball with his left leg. As his left leg goes up, naturally his right arm goes up for balance. It pings around in there, comes off the keeper and hits his arm and goes in the goal.

“Certainly not intentional. The law requires the handball to be an intentional act and it wasn’t. So as the law is written, it was a correct decision by Clattenburg.”

Clatternburg has said sorry to the Hull team for not disallowing the goal, while
Gunners boss Arsene Wenger also apologized.

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