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Amazing opportunity to win out of a ₦5 million Prize Pool from iLOT BET

One more day to go before the citizens of the federal republic of Nigeria set out to cast their vote for a new President.

As you cast your vote tomorrow, know that iLOT BET has also put in place another voting process through their app.

You vote for who will be the new president and if you predict right you get a chance to be part of the people who will share a 5,000,000 naira prize pool.

How to participate

Step 1: Register and log in to iLOT BET.

Step 2: Click “Vote” to predict for free who will be the next president. Each participant has only one chance, the result cannot be amended. (Need to make your choice before the countdown ends)

Step 3: Wait for election results and prize payout.

The prize pool for this promo is ₦5,000,000, which is set to be shared equally by players who predict correctly together. The prize is paid out in the form of bonuses (the decimal place will be rounded off). The prize will be paid out in 24 hours after the election results are announced. Players can check their prizes in their iLOT BET account and it can be used to bet on any game.

Note that you can only vote once; win massively on iLOT BET during this election.

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