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Arsene Wenger: Arsenal must support bitterly disappointed Alex Iwobi

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger, has said that Alex Iwobi who is bitterly disappointed with his role in the late PSG goal last night must be supported as what happened is part of football.

The Nigerian who returned to the starting lineup last night after a couple of games out, marked it with a late deflection which sent Lucas’ header into the back of the net, has received the backing of Arsene Wenger who said the error was entirely unintentional and he is clearly sympathetic with the player.

“Look, it can happen,” Wenger told after the match. “The frustrating thing I think is that Ospina was behind him.

“He is certainly the most disappointed by what happened to him. But that is part of the game.

“We have to take that on the chin and support him and go back into the next game.”

Alex Iwobi and his Arsenal teammates will be looking to get back to winning ways when they face Bournemouth in the Premier league this weekend following their three consecutive draws.

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