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“Barça are much more of a team than Real Madrid” – Panucci

Panucci: Barça are much more of a team than Real Madrid

Christian Panucci took to the microphones of Esports Cope radio to analyse his former club, Real Madrid.

“I was surprised by what happened, four goals are a lot to lose by. I know Real Madrid. I was amazed by how Luis Enrique’s men slowly killed them off. I think that there is more to Real Madrid than what we saw against Barça”, he said.

Panucci also clarified that despite the rumours about Rafa Benítez, no player wants to lose against the old enemy: “I’ve read a lot of speculation about how the players aren’t happy with the coach, but when they step out on to the pitch they all want to win. Some matches just don’t go as planned. Real Madrid have to play attacking football, but the other day they let Barcelona control the game and sat back very deep”.

In the former ‘Los Blancos’ defender’s opinion, the difference between the two squads is their team spirit: “I think that Barça are much more of a team than Real Madrid. If Cristiano Ronaldo doesn’t score, it’s all over, but Barça have so many players who can pitch in with goals, plus they’ve been playing together for years”.

Finally, Leo Messi aside, Panucci knows exactly which Barcelona player he would sign for Livorno, whom he’s managing in Serie B: “I’d bring in Iniesta, he’s a real star, a true professional, has an amazing attitude and can play so many games on the bounce. Barça are a team of true professionals”.

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