Docherty: If Mourinho were made of chocolate, he´d eat himself

Tommy Docherty is not a huge fan of Jose Mourinho, with the former Manchester United manager saying “if he were made of chocolate he would eat himself.”

Mourinho has led United’s revival and their best run of form since the Alex Ferguson era following Monday’s 2-0 Premier League win at West Ham.

Goals from Juan Mata and Zlatan Ibrahimovic made it seven wins from as many matches for United across all competitions, and 13 games unbeaten in total – the club’s longest unbeaten streak since March 2013.

But Docherty, who guided United to FA Cup glory in 1977 during his five-year spell in charge at Old Trafford, is not convinced by the Portuguese boss.

“He’s done okay, but if he were made of chocolate he would eat himself,” the 88-year-old told the Evening Times.

“And look at the money he’s spent.

“Fergie sold [Paul] Pogba for about a million quid and they then paid about 900 million [sic] to get him back. That was good business, wasn’t it?”

United are a club Docherty no longer holds close to his heart after a disagreement over tickets soured the relationship.

Sacked in 1977, Docherty returned to Old Trafford a few years ago, only to receive an invoice for the tickets.

Former Chelsea boss Docherty can now be seen watching games at Stamford Bridge, while he occasionally attends Manchester City fixtures.

“Chelsea have sent me a Christmas hamper from Harrods for the last 18 years that must cost around £300,” the Scotsman added.

“That’s a terrific gesture and I still go to Stamford Bridge to watch them about four times a year. So there are big clubs that act like big clubs, and some that act like small clubs.

“I won’t be back at United after them charging me for my tickets about three years ago. I got an invoice for £88 for two seats so that was it for me. If I fancy a game locally I’ll phone up Mike Summerbee at City and they always look after me. But I’m done with United.”

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