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Who would you rather build a franchise around: Curry, Hadden or Westbrook?


Golden State Warriors superstar, Stephen Curry may not be in the debate for the 2016-2017 regular season MVP as James Harden and Russel Westbrook stand a better a chance of winning the award he unanimously won last year.

But I am to build a franchise around any of Harden, Curry and Westbrook it would be Stephen Curry. Not undermining the historic season but James Harden and Russell Westbrook are having but Curry is the man for me.

Here are four reasons why for me it would be Stephen Curry.

1. Effectiveness

Although the three players are primary ball handlers but Curry could play more of the ball than both Harden and Westbrook, He could shoot from the distance, create his shots and also get other guys involved more.

He has great court vision and the awareness to know where his teammates are on the floor. He spaces the floor, he can finish around the rim in many different ways and he keeps his defenders on their toes at all times because you never know what type of move he can pull on you.

James Harden and Russell Westbrook need the ball on the offensive end for them to be as effective as Stephen Curry.

2. Smallest Ego (Easiest to play with)

Stephen Curry has the smallest ego amongst the three players in question and that would play a big role in determining how far the team would go. James Harden is the only all star player in the Houston Rockets and last season when he had Dwight Howard it was a different story as there were repeated reports of a fall-out between the two superstars.

Its no longer news that Kevin Durant left Russell Westbrook for Stephen Curry because the later is not a selfish player. Stephen Curry is playing with four all stars and still averaging high numbers.

3. More Experienced

Stephen Curry is a winner, he has played in two playoff finals winning the first and losing in the other. His experience could play big in the team achieving the set-out goals as you can’t give what you don’t have. I am not forgetting that Westbrook lost in the 2012 playoff finals.

4. Commercial

The goal of every franchise is to make a profit on and off the court. Stephen Curry would bring more revenues than the other guys in this debate. I know a couple of guys would pay to watch Russel Westbrook do his triple-double thing, but I think Stephen Curry’s showmanship would bring more crowd.

Stephen Curry presently leads in the jersey sales with Westbrook in 5th and Harden in distance 12th.



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