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How I escaped from my kidnappers in Warri – Christian Obodo

Former Super Eagles midfielder Christian Obodo has recounted his experience at the hands of kidnappers and revealed how he escaped from them.

Obodo, 36, popularly known as ‘The Bundle of Talents’ during his active days was Sunday abducted by unknown gunmen in the southern Nigeria town of Warri.

Police spokesman Onome Onowakpoyeya confirmed the incident.

Obodo himself narrated his ordeal.

“They pushed my girlfriend out of the car,” Obodo told AFP by phone, adding that a third gunman was in a car behind them.

“I was praying and trying to have a conversation with them asking them what I had done.

“But they barked at me and told me to shut up, if I made any noise I would be killed.”

Obodo revealed his captors circled the city for several hours until he was asked to stop the car and get out to talk to their accomplice in the car behind.

That was when he took a chance.

“I looked behind and, feeling a little space, I drove off at full speed,” he recounted.

He was also kidnapped eight years ago and it needed the intervention of the police for him to regain his freedom.

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