Harden and I will make things work at Houston – Howard

Dwight Howard said he does not want to leave Houston and that he has no problem playing with Rockets team-mate James Harden.

Howard is no stranger to speculation about his next career move but confirmed he wants to make things work at Houston.

“I chose to go to Houston [via free agency in 2013], so why would I just say, ‘I’m not happy’ and leave,” Howard told USA Today on Wednesday.

“I chose this place, you know what I’m saying? And I want to make this thing work here.”

Howard’s remarks came after reports the 30-year-old eight-time All-Star was unhappy with taking a back seat to Harden.

“People can say what they want about me and James and that whole situation, but I came here and the biggest reason was because of him, because I want both of us to grow and be great basketball players and be great team-mates together,” Howard said.

“It’s on us to do it. We are the ones who are held accountable for the good things and the bad things that happen to this team, and I came here with that mission, so that both of us can grow.”

Howard Harden

The Rockets are in seventh place in the Western Conference at 12-14 after reaching the conference finals last season.

Howard added: “[The losing] gets frustrating, but the big picture is us winning a championship, and we have to get better.

“It starts with me and him. We’ve got to push each other. We’ve got to talk to each other. We’ve just got to be better together. This is why I’m here, so it’s going to happen. But right now, we’re struggling.”

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