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I am not Iniesta or Pique, My girl turns me on, not a football game – Alves

Dani Alves expresses his frustration at the treatment he received from the Real Madrid players in the Clasico.

He says unlike Gerard Pique he doesn’t get turned on by football.


The Brazilian right-back was not happy with his rough treatment by Real Madrid in Barcelona’s recent 4-0 win during El Clasico, in which he was fouled by Sergio Ramos and elbowed in the head by Cristiano Ronaldo.

Alves also had his face shoved by the Portuguese forward while tussling for the ball in the box.

He was asked what the secret to doing well in the Clasico was and replied: “The secret is to have a good team, to have a team with balls, ambition and personality.

“Some people get turned on by football, I get turned on by my girl. In a game where you get kicked by people, that doesn’t turn me on. I’m not a masochist.

“Iniesta? He gets turned on by football, he’s that type of player!”

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