I don´t know how to flop – Anthony

New York Knicks star Carmelo Anthony has been frustrated by the way officials have allowed defenses to body him lately, and he is not happy about it.


Anthony said he had been told that he is the most difficult player to referee in the NBA.

“They just tell me I’m the most difficult player to referee in the NBA,” Anthony said on Wednesday, via the New York Post.

“I’ve heard that a couple of times. It’s unclear on who is creating the contact. My goal is to go to the basket. If I’m creating the contact going toward the basket [and] I get hit, it’s a foul.”

The NBA notoriously is known for giving preferential calls to its star players, but Anthony has not been feeling the love.

He has been called for technicals in back-to-back games for arguing with referees.

Anthony is not just blaming the refs, however, and said he was part of the problem.

“See, I don’t know how to flop, that’s the thing,” Anthony said.

“Nowadays guys know how to flop, get hit and put their head back. I don’t know how to flop. I won’t even look right trying to do that. I won’t even feel right trying it.”

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