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” I’m looking to take On the world ” Football’s Strongest player Adebayo Akinfewa announces next move.

” The world. I’m looking to take on the world.’

“‘That’s it, it’s done for me. My knees have been screaming for 15 months now.


“I always wanted to leave the game on my terms. There is a better way I could have left – we could’ve won – but other than that, I guess this is the second-best way to leave the game. At Wembley.’ Those were Adebayo Akinfewa’s last words at his final appearance as a professional footballer.


A 2-0 League One Playoff loss to Sunderland capped the Journey of the 40 year old Wycombe striker Adebayo Akinfewa. 1.85m tall and weighing 100 kilograms, the forward was a beast bulldozing defenses in 695 appearances which produced 209 goals over the last 22 years.


His next move is what interests us at this point. Akinfewa is no stranger to being written off as he faced same in his Football Journey due to his weight. Same way his switch from taking on defenders to taking on the world will generate skeptic reactions.


A product of Watford’s youth setup, Akinfenwa joined Lithuanian domestic side FK Atlantas in 2001 before a brief spell at Welsh club Barry Town .


Akinfewa had his first stint in England at senior level arrived in 2002 with Boston United and has over the last 22-years represented the likes of Swansea, Millwall, Northampton and Gillingham to name a few. The Journey ends at Wycombe.


With the profile generated from football (Based on his huge size),  Adebayo Akinfewa could continue with his fashion line or get his badges and try Coaching. Such a commanding prescence he will have and more so if he adopts the theatrics of Antonio Conte.


It’s just three days since his retirement. Let’s watch and see what Football’s Strongest player will pull up in his bid to take on the world.

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