LeBron James questions Cleveland Cavaliers mentality

Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James has questioned the mindset of his team after they lost to Toronto Raptors on Wednesday night. Cavs fell to a 103-99 defeat to the Canadian franchise to lose a three-game winning streak despite James recording 24 points and eight assists.

That loss, a fourth of the season for Cleveland, saw their record drop to 11-4, although they still sit top of the Eastern Conference Central Division, a game ahead of Chicago Bulls.


A frustrated James said that he has the mental strength to succeed but questioned whether the franchise as a whole has what it takes to maintain their strong position. “It is all mindset,” he told reporters. “It comes from within. I have always had it; my upbringing had me like that. It is either that you have got it or you don’t. “No, [fatigue] is not an excuse. [Injuries] are not an excuse.

We have to hold each other more accountable, we have to play better, and we will. “There has always been a lot of shade thrown at our conference the last few years, so it is great to see that our side is definitely picking it up and playing at a high level, but I do not think that we improved tonight.” Cavaliers next face a trip to Charlotte Hornets on Saturday.

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