Lionel Messi made Barcelona famous – Matias Messi

Gives condition for Lionel Messi's Barcelona return

Matias Messi, Lionel Messi’s brother has said nobody knew Barcelona until his brother started playing for the Catalan giants.

The 40-year-old in an interview touched on a lot of topics such as; the possibility of Lionel Messi returning to Barcelona. How the fans didn’t fight for him.

He also talked about current Barcelona president Joan Laparta whom he said must leave the club for Lionel Messi to return to the Catalan giants.

“The people didn’t help him, they should have gone out for a march or something, let Laporta go and let Messi stay,” he continued.

“The Catalans are traitors. My mom told Lionel once, they’re going to pay you like Ronaldinho.

“Nobody knew them before, only Madrid, and getting paid like that is not good.

“Anyone who has had the opportunity to travel to Barcelona, enters the Museum and it is Messi,” he said.

Before Lionel Messi’s emergence, Barcelona won just one UEFA Champions League title – with the Argentine the won four for a total of five.

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