Lionel Messi says Real Madrid deserve LaLiga title, fears Napoli might beat Barcelona
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Lionel Messi says Real Madrid deserve LaLiga title, fears Napoli might beat Barcelona

Lionel Messi has said Real Madrid are deserving of the title they won claiming they were consistent and did what they were supposed to do.

The Barcelona super star who was in action as Barcelona lost 2-1 to ten-man Osasuna said they were inconsistent and Real Madrid got the job done.

“We’ve been pushing all season but we’ve been inconsistent all season too,” Messi told Movistar.

“Today it wasn’t easy to find a way through to beat the goalkeeper. I don’t think we should have lost but we knew what type of game this was going to be and we knew we’d have to remain patient to find a way through.

“I think Real Madrid did what they had to do. They’ve done very well since the break in play. Of course, we’ve had a lot of injuries and many points that we’ve dropped in games that we shouldn’t have and now we have to be self-critical over the summer and look back at the mistakes we’ve made.

“Looking back over the course of the season, of course Madrid deserve it. We have to look back at ourselves and work out where we went wrong rather than looking at the other teams.

“It’s difficult if you play in the way we played here today to win the title.”

Lionel Messi, then dropped a bombshell saying he fears Barca will exit the champions league at the first knockout stage hurdle unless his team-mates show more fighting spirit.

“People are losing patience after defeats to Roma and Liverpool in recent years,” he told Movistar.

“We need a break and forget about this if we want to fight for the Champions League. We need to change a lot, otherwise we will also lose against Napoli.

“I already said before that playing like this we won’t be able to fight for the Champions League and you see, we could not even fight for the league. We need to be self-critical.”


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