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Messi beats Ronaldo to the purchase of the world’s most expensive car

Report making round suggests that Lionel Messi has bought the most expensive Ferrari in the world.

The Proto Organisation, whose owner, Alessandro Proto, auctioned off the 1957 Ferrari 335 S Spider Scaglietti in Paris for around 32 million euros insists buyer remains anonymous, but claims suggest it could be Messi, according to a press release published by the Italian’s company.

Proto Organisation also say Cristiano Ronaldo was interested in the car (which was driven by Sterling Moss in the Cuban Grand Prix in 1958), but Messi won the bidding.


That bidding began at 20 million euros and ended at 32 million euros, which is a record for the sale of a car. Sources close to the player, however, deny that Messi was behind the purchase.

Alessandro Proto, who sold the Ferrari, is an Italian multi-millionaire who has been keen to get his name in the news recently. He was behind the story about Ronaldo being dropped from a film which was based on his life.

He has also sold a luxury New York penthouse to Real Madrid president Florentino Perez for 60 million euros.

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