Novak Djokovic: ‘Andy Murray will do everything to be fit for Wimbledon’

Novak Djokovic has backed Andy Murray to do “everything in his power” to ensure that he is fit to defend his Wimbledon title this year.

The world number one has been forced to withdraw from two exhibition matches this week due to ongoing troubles with his hip, just four days before Wimbledon is due to begin.

Murray and Djokovic have both suffered from unusually poor results during the build-up to this year’s tournament, but the Serb stressed the difficulties elite sportsmen face on a daily basis.

“I’m sure Andy does everything in his power to get himself ready and prepared for his first match. He’s got a team of great professionals. There is a reason behind it, because they all make sure that every single aspect of our bodies are being taken care of and worked on and to the state where you can perform your best,” he told reporters.

“At times it’s not possible. But we have learned how to play through pain. Professional athletes are very familiar with pain on a daily basis, whether it’s a small stiffness, tightness, soreness, or something even bigger. There are times when you have to take anti-inflammatories. There are times when you try to do it without the tablets. I’m sure all the athletes can relate to that. I’m against tablets and anti-inflammatories, but at times I have to take them because I’ve got to play a match in a grand slam.

“If I have an issue, I have to ask a question whether I want to play kind of 50% or I want to play 100% if I have an opportunity to do that. There is always something that is going on, but we are not robots. We are humans, we have to deal with those things. Those adversities that we have to face on the court and challenges are actually there to be presented as an opportunity for us to learn, to get stronger, to grow.

“This is a challenge that is not unknown to him. He has faced these kind of circumstances before where he hasn’t maybe played as much, didn’t have as good results that he had over the years. But he’s a champion. He’s someone that has proven so many times that he’s one of the best players in the world. He’s defending champion of Wimbledon. You’ve got to take this in consideration rather than just focusing on this very present moment.”

Murray has been seeded first for this year’s tournament, while Djokovic has been seeded second despite slipping down to fourth in the world rankings.

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