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Piqué compares Messi, Neymar and Suarez to Curry, Green and Klay

Barcelona defender Gerard Piqué has opened up his Twitter account to his fans, in order to answer all the questions they ask him. The answers to many of these have contained possible title winners.

Piqué has talked about the current state of the Premier League, the last film he saw (No Escape, with Owen Wilson and Pierce Brosnan) and also his opinion of the NBA, where he compares the so-called MSN, the Barcelona attack trio of Messi, Suárez and Neymar, with three of the current NBA players who are on good form.

Steph Curry, Leonard, Lebron, Davis and Drummond are the five players Piqué likes, and he compares three of them to the MSN: Stephen Curry being like Messi; Klay like Neymar and Draymond Green like Suárez.

What do you think?

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