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Premier League clubs reveal agent fees Liverpool top

The amount of money paid by Premier League clubs to agents rose year on year to £129,857,560 between October 2014 and September 2015.

Clubs have been obligated to reveal the amount they spent on representatives during this period – which includes two transfer windows – since 2008, with the 2015/16 results confirming a rise.

The collective outlay grew from £115,261,136 to £129,857,560, with Liverpool spending the most on agents in the last two windows.

The Anfield club spent £14,301,464 this year – down slightly from last year – while Premier League new boys Watford spent the least with a bill of just £1,620,229.

Champions Chelsea spent £4,810,122 less on agents in the windows either side of their title success when compared to the previous year, with Manchester neighbours City and United among the big spenders.

City’s agent bill dropped slightly to £12,429,380 while United’s rose sharply from £7,975,556 to £13,881,814.


Top ten Premier League clubs’ agent fees

Liverpool – £14,301,464
Manchester United – £13,881,814
Manchester City – £12,429,380
Chelsea – £11,961,206
Arsenal – £11,928,584
West Ham – £7,049,001
Tottenham – £5,987,052
Newcastle United – £5,946,031
Southampton – £5,391,172

Stoke City – £5,308,545

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