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Six quick lessons from Germany’s 2017 FIFA #Confederation Cup truimph!

By: Kunlere Idowu

The World Champions, Germany, on Sunday completed a brace of titles by adding the FIFA Confederations Cup to their European U21 Championship won last Thursday.

Considering the team that won on Sunday had just two starters from the main team, a lot could be learnt from the World Champions.

Here are 6 quick things we learnt from the “German Machines”.

1. No matter how good you are or the successes you’ve enjoyed, there is always room for improvement.

Germany has known many successes in international football, but this victory is their first in this competition. And the sweeter part? They won it with youngsters. 21-year-old RB Leipzig striker Timo Werner emerged as the golden boot winner of the competition.

2. Have you noticed that there seems to always be a black in the German national football team, and that all German teams are multi-ethnic, multi-lingual, multi-religious etc?

Apparently, to football managers and handlers at the German machines, it’s​ about competence, not where you come from; not the colour of your skin, not your religion, not your connections, not your race!

Federal Character, good as intended, shouldn’t be a trophy for laziness or cluelessness.

There is strength in well managed diversity, not in an anything-goes system, not in diversity that’s suffocating under the burden of the be-like-us or leave bandwagon!

3. The Germans are saying, “If you are good enough, come get the top spot”.

I heard Canada’s​ PM, Justin Trudeau, say the same thing today during Canada’s 150th anniversary celebrations.

4. Serious countries, companies and organizations go the extra mile to attract the best minds.

Yes they encourage the weak to improve but they don’t give the top spot as compensation for doing nothing.

5. Even football teaches us that anyone success is up for grab to him who can dream it and who shows​ he wants it the most.

You must show hunger before the food is served to you. No matter your background, you can reach for the top.

6. The colour of your skin doesn’t have to be a disadvantage. Your biggest advantage or disadvantage is your mind!

What do you think?

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