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Valbuena excoriates Benzema over sex-tape scandal

Lyon midfielder Mathieu Valbuena has questioned his friendship with Karim Benzema after the Real Madrid striker was charged in relation to a sex tape blackmail plot.

People are alleged to have demanded money from Valbuena by threatening to release a sex tape involving the footballer and his partner.


In an interview with Le Monde, Valbuena has revealed that Djibril Cisse told him in May 2015 that a sex tape from his phone had got into the hands of someone else, but the former Liverpool striker had not seen it.

Valbuena went on to claim that four months after he informed the police of the blackmail, the authorities told him that he could be contacted about the video while on international duty with France.

The midfielder’s teammate Benzema is alleged to have told Valbuena to meet a friend of his who he claimed was in possession of the footage.


“Deep down, I tell myself that it’s still weird that [Benzema] wanted me to meet that person and insisted on it,” Valbeuna told Le Monde.

“I’m disappointed and found that the relationship with Karim is not as sincere as he could pretend it is.

” Benzema has denied any wrongdoing.

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