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‘Victor Osimhen should apologize to Finidi George’ – Former Super Eagles star reacts to Instagram outburst

During an intense Instagram Live session, Victor Osimhen launched a harsh criticism against former Super Eagles coach Finidi George, sparking a wave of controversy within Nigerian football circles.

Osimhen’s fiery outburst came amidst reports that Finidi had resigned as the head coach of the national team. The Napoli forward expressed his deep disappointment and declared that he had lost all respect for the Super Eagles legend.

“I will post the pictures and screenshots I had when I spoke to Finidi George,” Osimhen stated passionately. “You all believe that someone keeping quiet because he is a footballer… Ogun kill anybody, any of you that believe (I didn’t want to play for Nigeria).”

The football star continued, revealing details of his attempts to reach out to Finidi for involvement in the national team setup. “I called him and told him to allow me to come to the camp to be with the boys. I have all these recorded, to come talk to the boys,” Osimhen added with frustration evident in his voice.

In response to Osimhen’s controversial comments, Pastor Peterside Idaho, a former goalkeeper for the Super Eagles, urged the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) to take disciplinary action if Osimhen fails to apologize to Finidi George and other Super Eagles legends.

“Victor Osimhen should apologize to Finidi George and other Super Eagles legends, as well as Nigerians,” Peterside emphasised. “Our national team is sacred, and those who wear its jersey must respect it. Osimhen can’t say things without control; he must apologize for his words.”

Peterside continued, calling for accountability and discipline among current players representing Nigeria. “I think action should be taken or he should be banned from the national team. If we allow this kind of behavior to continue, it will not reflect well on Nigeria and those who have served the country,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, Osimhen missed crucial World Cup qualifiers against South Africa and Benin Republic due to injury. The Super Eagles struggled in his absence, failing to secure a win in both matches and leaving their 2026 FIFA World Cup qualification hopes uncertain.

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