Why is football the perfect choice for placing bets?

Why is football the perfect choice for placing bets?

Have you ever wondered why football betting seems to be more popular than other sports betting types? According to Visual Capitalist, the current world betting market size is worth $67 billion.

Interestingly, Sports Betting contributes about 40% to that figure, with football betting being a major focus. It goes without saying that football is the most sought-after sport by online bettors, and this article will explain why.

Here are top reasons why football is considered a favourite choice for placing bets:

Wide Range of Betting Markets

One of the prime reasons why bettors rate football as their favourite when it comes to betting is the wide range of options it offers. As you may already know, football is widely acceptable in most countries. At least 90% of countries around the world play football. Most of these countries have their respective leagues, which are often featured in sportsbooks. Imagine having over twenty countries listed and each of these countries comprising a wide range of matches to explore. With these options available, you are not restricted in any way. While most of the football leagues are seasonal, all football leagues are not played within the same timeframe. Sometimes, when the top leagues like the EPL are about to round up, you have other ‘less tier’ leagues getting into full gear. With this constant cycle, you are always left with games to bet on, regardless of the season.

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Easy to Play

Football is probably one of the most straightforward sports to understand. It is very advisable to bet on sports that you have an interest in. You don’t necessarily have to be a pro at football to know what to bet on. You simply just have to familiarise yourself with the happenings of the game and get better insights on who and what to bet on at different periods.

Readily Available

With some other sports options, you might look through the schedule only to find a few matches throughout the week. For some sports, days go by without finding games to bet on. Football seems to always have games on almost every day of the week. There is barely a day that goes by that you can’t find at least 90 football games to bet on.

Higher Odds

Comparatively, the odds for betting on football games are relatively higher than other sports. This is a no-brainer. For a sport that seems to get the most attention, it is only rational that bookies offer higher odds on them. As a bettor, your main interest should be to get the best value on your bets. Because of the highly competitive odds, you tend to enjoy better winning value.

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Widely Featured in Sportsbooks

It can be frustrating having to bet on a sport that is not widely featured in a lot of sportsbooks. In that case, you might be forced to try out sports that you are not so familiar with. However, with football, you are rarely ever going to experience that. Football is the only sport that’s featured in every notable sportsbook there is out there. Regardless of the sportsbook that you are using, you are most definitely going to find football in their offerings.

With the reasons discussed above, we are sure you get the picture clearly now on why football is the perfect choice for placing bets. Now that you are properly informed, go explore top bookmakers you can find around and place bets. Most importantly, always do your research on important factors like transfer news, head-to-head, weather before placing your bets.

Tope Adefala

Tope Adefala is an experienced sports writer, editor, and web designer. A former editor at Sportlineng.com. Talks sports with a great bias for Basketball, Tennis, Field Hockey and Football. Presently the media officer of Nigeria Hockey Federation. I have been in the business of Sports communication and marketing for more than 10 years. Not forgetting that I won West African University Games, Nigeria University Games gold medals. You can find me on Twitter @1topham.

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