2 NFL Preseason Predictions That Still Hold Quantious Value

2 NFL Preseason Predictions That Still Hold Quantious Value

The 2021 NFL season has reached its midway mark, and it’s clear to say that it has given American football fans a taste of why this is considered the most important sporting league in the USA.

From underdogs rising to favoritism, teams that looked like perfect NFL picks against the spread falling left and right, and some very surprising players rising to become this season’s main stars, the 2021 season has not failed to disappoint one bit.

Now, as usual, before the season starts, pro-American football experts around come up with some top-notch predictions as to how they think the season will unfold.

Those predictions can go from picks to who they see being the favorite teams to make a deep postseason run and also the teams that will disappoint, which players will have a stellar season while which others will crumble under pressure and which coaches will have to work the most to keep their jobs.

For now, and with the 2021 season already reaching the midway point, let’s take a look at 2 preseason predictions that seemed ludicrous at first, but are still holding up their value.

1. The Dallas Cowboys Will Make It To The NFC Title Game

Being a fan of the Dallas Cowboys has always proven to be more of a test of strength and patience than anything else. Everyone who loves American football knows that you either love the Cowboys or hate them, but there is no middle ground.

Given their performances last season, when they lost their star quarterback Dak Prescott early on to a season-ending injury, the Cowboys never managed to put up a decent season whatsoever.

But instead of just sitting around and waiting for Prescott to come back and for everything to just go back to normal, the Cowboys got to work in putting up a playoff contention roster, where winning is first, second, third, fourth, and so on.

And let us tell you, with Prescott back and with the way this team is playing, they did their homework just right.

Offensively, Prescott came back to the league and he looks like he came back with a gigantic chip on his shoulder. He has played this season with a clear focus to silence all of his doubters.

But what’s more surprising about this team, and what speaks volumes of their talent and drive is that even with Prescott being sidelined and missing their game against Minnesota, their backup QB Cooper Rush still got the job done, making it apparent that it doesn’t matter who’s playing, the Cowboys are on a mission to win every game they can.

On the defensive side of the ball, rookie linebacker Micah Parsons and star cornerback Trevon Diggs have become the leaders of a defense that’s one of the premier units in the league.

From the outside looking in, it’s clear that trying to stop the Cowboys, especially if they continue playing the way they have, will be something short of impossible. If they continue this way, then the prediction of Dallas making it to the NFC Championship game will happen.

2. While The Chiefs and Browns Struggle, The Bills Dominate

Before the beginning of the season, three teams took over all of the conversations about favorites to be the AFC team heading to this season’s Super Bowl. In first place was the Kansas City Chiefs, who led by Patrick Mahomes, were expected to once again run wild through all of the competition in their respective conference.

In second and third place, but we could call it a tie, where the Cleveland Browns, who have one of the best offenses in the league, especially when it comes to running the ball, and the Buffalo Bills, who were one touchdown away from beating Kansas City in last year’s AFC title game.

Well, now that we’re halfway through the season, all those who predicted that the Chiefs and Browns would be the teams to beat in the AFC, I guess were kind of right, because they have been beaten and made to look like anything but dominating squads with title aspirations in their minds.

But then again, those who predicted that the Bills would shine through, props to you because the Buffalo Bills have been the best team in the AFC this season, even with having lost a couple of games already.

Led by QB Josh Allen, who in 2020 saw his stock as a top-tier passer skyrocket, the Bills have the best offense in the league when it comes to points scored per game as well as the best defense in the league when it comes to points allowed per game.

That in itself should tell you plenty about just how good this team is in every line of the game. Their “win at all cost” mentality has led them to be one of the most feared squads around and they seem to thrive off that, beating opponents left and right.

If they continue playing the way they have thus far throughout the remainder of the regular season, it’s a no-brainer to predict that the Bills will be the team to beat in the AFC title game.

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