A Case For Golf As The Greatest Sport

To many, golf is not just a sport, it is a way of life. And while there are plenty of figures flying the flag for golf, from Tiger Woods to Francesco Molinari, golf is something that can be enjoyed by the least skilled of sports enthusiasts. But why is golf so good? And is golf really the best sport? Before you start to throw your arms up in protest, let’s provide you with some crucial points as to why we need to make a case for golf being one of the, if not the greatest sport.

It Improves Social Relations

Yes, there’s a case to be made for football teams and all the camaraderie in the changing room but when you are taking your golf carts to the next hole, sitting with someone who’s got the same passion for the sport as you, it’s those journeys in between holes that gives you that chance to catch up, and truly speak to one another. This isn’t something that can be done in any other physical arena, as it’s all about competition. Sure, there’s competition in golf, but a far less angsty version. It’s a gentlemanly version.

You Learn To Tackle Your Inner Demons

In golf, your biggest adversary is yourself. Learning how to navigate your swing, fighting against weather conditions, and learning that art of focus is something that can be taught, but it’s down to you to implement it. Golf is a fantastic sport for the isolated individual but while it’s a competitive sport, it’s all down to that inner focus you have in those milliseconds leading up to taking that swing.

It’s The Only Sport That You Can Structure A Vacation Around!

So many guys that go on golfing vacations, it gives you the opportunity to play some of the most prestigious courses in the world, all the while still having a few beers! You can’t say that with regards to football, tennis, or any physically-oriented sport.

It’s Still A Physical Game!

Golf gets unfairly lumped in with sports that require minimal movement, like chess. But golf is still a physical game; it requires you to have perfect poise and the way you follow through with the drive will determine so much. It’s something that is greatly underestimated, especially when you look at the more physical sports like rugby. And yes, it’s not the same sort of thing, nor do you need to consume a healthy amount of calories every day, but golf is still a physical sport, especially when you’re playing in all weathers! In fact, golfers can run between 7 and 10 km per game which has many positive effects on your cholesterol and blood pressure.

It Increases Your Concentration

This is where golf is more like a physical version of chess than anything else. Because a round of golf can take between 4 and 5 hours, this means that even if you’ve mastered the art of the swing, you’ve got to learn to maintain your focus. This is where many people can fall flat. It’s so difficult to stay focused, and perhaps this is why so many people view it as some sort of meditation. Because there are so many varying factors as you are playing against the elements, such as the weather, water obstacles, the bunkers, as well as the greens, you have to learn the fine art of keeping cool and keeping focused during these lengthy games. And when you start to master the art of keeping focused, it’s a fantastic way of destressing.

You Learn How To Get Creative

Creativity is is an essential component of playing golf. When you play a team sport, there’s a lot of different plays involved to get to the desired outcome. When going through a course, things don’t go according to plan. This means that you need to master the fine art of improvising during difficult scenarios. When you look at the legends of the game, like Ballesteros, their biggest moments came from difficult scenarios. Learning to get yourself out of difficult situations requires a huge amount of creativity.

It’s Good For Your Health!

A study conducted by a medical centre concluded that golfers can live an average of five years longer in comparison to the rest of the population. Of course, we’ve got to to bring into the mix an individuals diet, but playing golf can be physically demanding and it can also prove beneficial for your mental health. That crucial time to yourself early in the morning gives you the ability to separate yourself from the world and focus on what is in front of you. When we look at why golf is such a popular sport, we can only argue that this is one of the main reasons. It gives people the opportunity to get away from things, learn to focus on something incredibly minuscule, and feel that sense of satisfaction by driving a ball through harsh terrain. 

Let’s not forget, it’s fun! Golf is something that can bring families together. It’s not one of those sports that requires years of preparation, developing a thick skin, or a certain amount of physical strength. Let’s not forget, it is something that fathers and sons can do together, and it helps to cement relationships throughout people’s lives. Sports like this is all about quietude, and when we look at the more popular sports with thousands of people chanting, sometimes we need to take a step back and find something that’s a lot more focused, and requires a proper sense of mental clarity. This is why sports like golf and snooker are popular in certain social groups, because it requires that focus. It’s a wonderfully quiet opportunity to process your thoughts while playing sport. Is golf the greatest sport? There are many that will argue that it is. And when it comes to that ability to learn calmness, gain focus over long periods of time, and navigate hazardous terrain, golf may very well prove to be the greatest sport of them all.

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