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Alex Iwobi names his favourite Nigerian meal

Nigeria Super Eagles midfielder Alex Iwobi has expressed his deep appreciation for traditional Nigerian dishes, particularly Egusi soup and Pounded Yam.

The Fulham player, known for his dedication to Nigerian culture, highlighted his love for these popular West African dishes in a recent interview.

Whenever Alex Iwobi returns to Nigeria, one of his first actions is to indulge in Egusi soup and Pounded Yam. Despite moving to England as a child, the 27-year-old has maintained a strong connection to his Nigerian roots, often advocating for the country’s culture and cuisine.

“Whenever I land in Nigeria, the first thing I do is order Egusi and Pounded Yam,” Iwobi shared in a video interview. “Nigerian Egusi is a game changer; it’s just so delicious and comforting. There’s nothing quite like it.”

Egusi is a traditional Nigerian soup made from ground melon seeds, typically cooked with various vegetables, meat, or fish. It is often served with Pounded Yam, a starchy staple made by pounding boiled yams into a smooth, doughy consistency.

Iwobi’s enthusiasm for Nigerian cuisine has resonated with fans, who appreciate his continued embrace of his cultural heritage. His advocacy for traditional dishes has helped to highlight the diversity and richness of Nigerian culinary traditions.

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