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Andre Onana sparks discussion with vaseline use during Manchester United vs Liverpool

During Manchester United’s recent 2-2 draw against Liverpool, fans were left puzzled as goalkeeper Andre Onana was spotted applying vaseline to his gloves.

This wasn’t the first time Onana had resorted to this unconventional tactic, having been seen doing so during a game against West Ham in December.

The use of vaseline on goalkeeper gloves, as explained by GloveGlu, is occasionally employed in wet conditions to significantly enhance grip. Keeper Balm corroborates this, noting that vaseline can promptly improve the holding power of gloves. However, it’s important to note that this practice may shorten the lifespan of the glove latex.

Following Onana’s application of Vaseline, fans took to social media to express their confusion. Questions like “Why is Onana putting Vaseline on his gloves??” and “Is there a benefit of Vaseline on goalie gloves?” surfaced among bewildered supporters.

Despite the attention garnered by Onana’s unorthodox technique, the match against Liverpool saw a flurry of goals.

Luis Diaz opened the scoring for Liverpool, swiftly countered by Bruno Fernandes for United. Kobbie Mainoo then put the hosts in front before Mohamed Salah leveled for Liverpool with a late penalty in the 84th minute.

Onana has been a consistent presence in United’s Premier League campaign, featuring in all 31 games of the season, securing eight clean sheets, but conceding 46 goals.

While his performance on the pitch remains a subject for further scrutiny, his use of vaseline on gloves continues to spark discussion among fans and pundits alike.

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