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Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta honoured by his country

Arsenal manager, Mikel Arteta, has been honored with a significant Spanish distinction, ‘The Royal Order of Isabella the Catholic,’ by his native country, Spain.

The prestigious award, a Spanish civil order of chivalry and distinction, was presented to Arteta by the King of Spain, the Grand Chancellor, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Established in 1815, the award is a rare and exclusive honor bestowed upon individuals or organizations that have rendered outstanding services to Spain.

Arteta received the order at the Spanish Embassy in London, where he was joined by important Arsenal players, family members, and friends to celebrate the occasion.

Expressing his gratitude, Arteta stated, “I am both humbled and honored to receive The Royal Order of Isabella the Catholic. It is a truly wonderful moment to accept this award today at the Embassy of Spain in London, together with so many people who have been inspirational to me during my life.”

Arteta’s leadership and sportsmanship, demonstrated throughout his successful career as a Spanish, British, and international football player, as well as his role as Arsenal manager, were highlighted by Jose Pascual Marco, the Spanish ambassador to the UK.

Marco eulogised Arteta’s contribution to strengthening the friendship between Spain and Britain through football, describing him as a respected and loved figure in both football communities.

The award ceremony was a heartwarming occasion for Arteta, who expressed his appreciation to his family for their support and dedication. He thanked them, stating, “This prestigious award bestowed on me is dedicated to all the special people in my life who have shaped my journey so far, helping me through challenges and celebrating the successes together.”

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