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Bukayo Saka describes his mother’s Nigerian food

Arsenal’s Bukayo Saka, despite playing for England, remains deeply connected to his Nigerian roots, especially through food, as he recently revealed in a candid video.

Born to Nigerian parents, Adenike and Yomi Saka, and raised in London, the 22-year-old winger expressed his love for traditional Nigerian dishes, highlighting his mother’s culinary skills.

When presented with a choice between Nigerian and British cuisine, Saka unequivocally favored Nigerian food. Opting for jollof rice over cauliflower cheese, he detailed his preference for the popular Nigerian delicacy.

In the video, Saka fondly reminisced about his childhood favorite, moin moin, a savory bean pudding, enriched with fish by his mother’s touch. He described it as “really nice,” reflecting the cherished memories associated with his mother’s cooking.

Additionally, Bukayo Saka expressed his affection for plantain chips, showcasing his appreciation for Nigerian snacks. However, he admitted a preference for British sweets like UK love hearts and Twix chocolate over Nigerian counterparts like Tom Tom and Milo.

Despite his international career and exposure to diverse cuisines, Saka remains committed to his heritage, embracing Nigerian food as a fundamental part of his identity and upbringing.

Last summer, the Arsenal man spent a significant portion of his holiday in Lagos, Nigeria.

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